Four Menkes Families in one State (Eckman's, Locklear's, Larrick's, Berlin's)

Happy couple ready to play some golf!

Another couple ready to play, lets see if they are still smiling at the end of the day!

Fabulous Volunteers

One would never guess these guys were out there freezing!

Thumbs up!

Dan waving to his fans!

Ben giving his Dad encouraging smiles before tee time!

Mommy and Ben bonding before the game begins!

Our honorary Ben Larrick, the smile of hope right here!

High school buddies Brooks and Drew proud to represent the foundation!

The ladies (and Dawson) waiting for the guys to return from the greens

Wonderful donations from the Washington Capitals!

Great silent auction items from the Baltimore Orioles and DC Nationals!

DJ goes for a drive.

A vegetarian's worst nightmare!!

Dave & Kim announcing all the winners!

Jovial Dave doing a great job entertaining the supporters!

Founders giving their gratitude and appreciation

Ben wanting to follow in Daddy's footsteps one day!

Like father, like son :)

Heidi and Adam having some fun of their own (left)!

Ben with his mommy (left). Golf basket winner (right).